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Designer Gardens Landscaping can assist you in creating and devoting a piece of your garden to honour those who have passed on.  It can be a quiet and peaceful place to sit and contemplate on happy memories.    

There has been an upsurge of interest in container gardening in recent years. One of the beauties of a plant in a pot or container is that it can be moved from place to place for different reasons at different times. Simplicity, styling and repetitio

Using your garden to its full potential makes a lot of sense, and being able to entertain outdoors in pleasant surroundings adds greatly to a garden's attraction.  Regardless of its size, a garden for entertaining should have as much space a

Designer Gardens Landscaping will landscape existing gardens and install features, pots and new designs. When we re-vamp your garden we look into existing plants that can be used again as well as existing features and pots etc. that can be used. We w

Ideally an herb garden must be located near the house and within easy reach of the kitchen for use throughout the year. Herbs are an invaluable addition to any garden. No garden is complete without a few herbs. Herbs can be described as a plant th


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